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Feb. 1-2, 2015 Bali (Indonesia) Back

International Conference Data Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineering (ICDMCME’2015) 

ISBN 978-93-84422-07-3


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Blog Comments Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis for Estimating Filipino Customer Satisfaction
Frederick F. Patacsil, and Proceso L. Fernandez
2IG-NB : A Hybrid Method for Data Classification
MohammadReza Keyvanpour, and Fahimeh Baesi
3A New Algorithm for Routing in Zigbee Networks
Payam Porkar rezaeiye, Anahita Fellah Jahrom, Maryam Ghotbi ravandi, Mina Nikzad Dehaji, Mojtaba Shokri, and Mehdi Gheisari
4Types of Attacks Penetrating Wireless Sensor Networks and Strategies to Overcome Them
Payam Porkar rezaeiye, Maysam gharghi, Sassan Payehdar, Jasem Torfi, Hamidreza Hajiaghai, and Pasha Porkar Rezaeiye
5A Review and Comparison to Semantic Data Storages
Mojtaba Shokri, Anahita Fellah Jahrom, Maryam Ghotbi ravandi, Mina Nikzad Dehaji, Payam Porkar rezaeiye, and Mehdi Gheisari
6Numerical Analysis of Combustion of a Single Aluminum Droplet in Water Vapor
Jong Han Won, and Seung Wook Baek
7A Selection Method for the Locations of Welfare Facilities for the Aged People
Sung Jin Hong, In Sun Jung, Jong-hwa Na, and Wan-Sup Cho
8Syllable Level Segmentation between Myanmar Text and Phonetics Transcriptions
Kyaw Kyaw Maung
9A Camera installation Scheme for Wide Front View of Automobile’s Black Box
Jaemyoung Lee
10A Study on Dynamic Equilibrium Configuration of Railway Vehicle
Ju Seok Kang
11Effect of Co Additions on the Densification Behavior of the Ag-W Composite Powder Compacts at Various Sintering Temperatures
Mahir Es-Saheb, Shahid M Azhar, and Sohail M. A. Khan
12Transformer Failures, Causes & Impact
Shayan Tariq Jan, Raheel Afzal, and Akif Zia Khan
13Effect of Saturation and Deformation Rate on Split Tensile Strength for Various Sedimentary Rocks
DK Soni
14Attitudes and Policy Implications of Urban Growth Boundary and traffic congestion reduction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Majid Aldalbahi, and Dr Guy Walker
15Evaluation of Non-Residential Green Building in Malaysia
Mohmed Solla, Lokman Hakim Ismail, and Riduan Yunus
16Increasing cement strength using Data Mining Techniques
Mehrnoosh Ebrahimi, and Ali Akbar Niknafs
17Shear Behavior of UHPFRC Web Retrofitted Single - layered RC Squat Wall
You-sun Yi, Sung-gul Hong, and Young mi Park
18Experimental Study on the Behavior of Bolted Joints for UHPC Panels
Soo-Hyung Chung, and Sung-Gul Hong
19Cyclic Loading Tests for Hybrid Coupled Shear Wall with Various Reinforcement Details
Woo-Young Lim, and Sung-Gul Hong
20Shear Transfer Strength Evaluation for Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Ji-hyung Lee, and Sung-gul Hong
21Evaluation of Damping Effect of Energy Dissipating Interface GFRP Panels
Woo Young Jung, HoYoung Son, and Bu Seog Ju
22Value Engineering in Developing Countries
Abeer Khalid Mansour

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