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International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Big Data Analytics (ETBDA’2016) Jan. 21-22, 2016 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

ISBN 978-93-84422-59-2


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Big Data Categorization for Arabic Text Using Latent Semantic Indexing and Clustering
Fawaz S. Al-Anzi, and Dia AbuZeina
2The Impact of Triadic Strategic Alignment on Organisational Performance
Abdulrahman Al-Surmi, Guangming Cao, and Yanqing Duan
3Design and Implementation of Advanced Internet Management System
Chia-Sheng Tsai*, and Cheng-Wei Lin
4An Experimental Study of Fly Height by Load/Unload in Magnetic Recording
Nuttapat Weerathanakiat, and Pitikhate Sooraksa
5A Study on Temperature Compensation during Sleep Onset with Sleep Stage Analysis
Jongsoo Kum, Donggyu Kim, Minsoo Kim, and Yonghyun Chung
6AC-DC Continuous Mode Power Converter with Frequency Compensation for Low Cost and High Efficiency Led Lamps
Araújo C.M.B, Berci C.D, Guelfi A. E, Boscoli M.E.A, and Donzelli D.
7Performance Analysis of Soft Computing and Image Processing Based Image Segmentation
Nilesh B. Bahadure, Arun Kumar Ray, and H. Pal Thethi
8Financial Data Analysis by Manifold Clustering and Kernel Machines
Shian-Chang Huang, and Tung-Kuang Wu
9Using Facebook Social Network to Enhance Interactive Communi-cation toward Supporting Learning in African Higher Institution
Johnson Dehinbo
10A New Flash-based B+-Tree with Very Cheap Update Operations on Leaf Nodes
Sungchae Lim
11Scalable and Flexible Big Data Analytic Framework (SFBAF) For Big Data Processing and Knowledge Extraction
R. Siva Ram Prasad, and Chittineni Aruna
12Mining Associated Ranking Patterns from Wireless Sensor Networks
Pu-Tai Yang
13Storm based Real-time Analytics Service on Propaganda and Sentiment Analysis of Political Tweets on Cloud Computing Environment
Akhmedov Khumoyun, Myoungjin Kim, Yun Cui, and Hanku Lee
14Performance Evaluation of Active Windows Using Speech Intelligibility
Wongeun Oh
15A Novel Digital Device Monitoring System Using UPnP Cloud Architecture
Yun Cui, and Hanku Lee
16Development of Fuel Usage Data Collection/Verification Technology for MRV International Regulation
Nam-seon Kang
17Study on the Transverse impact characteristics of Al/CFRP Hybrid Square Hollow Section Beam
Sang Young Kim, Jun Yeob Kim, Ju Won Jeong, Kum Cheol Shin, and Jung Ju Lee
18Integration of SERVQUAL model with Quality Function Deployment to enhance library’s service quality
Nantapatr Vorasaiharit, and Natcha Thawesaengskulthai

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