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Feb 4-5, 2014 Bali (Indonesia) Back

ISBN No.-  978-93-82242-75-8


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1The Fuselage Model of Non Circular Section
Mohd Ridhwan Bin Abu Bakar, and Bambang Basuno
2Influence of Air Intake Holes’s Position for Primary and Secondary Zones on the Pattern Factor for Gas Turbine with Annular Combustors Designed for Ethanol
E. Oliveira, J.R. Barbosa, and W.P. Martignoni
3Influence of Air Intake Holes’s Position for Primary and Secondary Zones on the Pattern Factor for Gas Turbine with Tubular Combustors Designed for Ethanol
E. Oliveira, J.R. Barbosa, and W.P. Martignoni
4Varying the Swirler Blade Angle and the Positioning of Air Intake Holes for Primary Zone Aiming at Reducing Pattern Factor and CO Emission for Gas Turbine with Tubular Combustors Fuelled by Ethanol
E. Oliveira, J.R. Barbosa, and W.P. Martignoni
5A Comparison on between the Kalman Filter and Threshold Predictor for correcting Motor Sensor Noise used for Smart Hybrid Powerpack
Jekwang Choi, Sungsik Jo, and Hunmo Kim
6Improve of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Performance: Optimizing an Air Curtain of Kitchen Hood
B. Manshoor, I. Zaman, N. Azmi, and Amir KHALID
7A Study on Structural Safety Evaluation of Cable Braided shields
Nak-Tak Jeong, Seong-Mo Yang, Kwang-Seub Kim, Su-Bin Choi, Jiwoon Kwon, and Myung-Won Suh
8A Study on the Seat Belt Design for Minimizing Rear Passenger’s Injury on Frontal Crash
Seong-Mo Yang, Nak-Tak Jeong, Su-Bin Choi, Si-Woo Kim, Young-Joon Park, and Myung-Won Suh
9A Robust Clustering Algorithm for Directional Data
Miin-Shen Yang, Shou-Jen Chang-Chien, and Wen-Liang Hung
10Do Intensive Buyers Perform Differently? An Extension of BG/BB Model
Fan Liu, and Yelin Fu
11Improvement of Indexing Methods for Audio Fingerprinting Systems
Qingmei Xiao, Mei Chen, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Minoru Yoshida, and Kenji Kita
12Voltage problem area Classification using Support Vector Machine SVM
Khaled Abduesslam-M, Mohamed Mohamed Khaleel, Muhammad Nizam, and Inayati
13A Method of Mining User’s Interest in Intelligent e-Learning
Xiyuan Wu, Ping Wang, and Min Liu
14Natural Convection of Nanofluids in a Square Cavity in the Presence of Horizontal Magnetic Field
S. Sivasankaran
15The Impact of Chief Privacy Officers Background Knowledge and Role on Organizational Privacy Performance
Jiyoung Wee, Seyoon Ma, and Seok Kim
16Feature Selection using Attribute Ratio in NSL-KDD data
Sang-Hyun Choi, and Hee-Su Chae
17Qualitative analysis of Time delay and Cost overrun in Multiple Design and Build Projects
Ramanathan Chidambaram, and Narayanan Sambu Potty
18Physical Modelling for Flood Evaluation of Selangor River Under Tidal Influence
Mohd Fauzi Mohamad, Mohd Kamarul Huda Samion, and Saiful Bahri Hamzah
19Optimization and Quality Improvement of Recycled Aggregates Concrete through the use of Six-Sigma Method
Mohamad Terro, Moetaz El-Hawary, Rana Al-Fares, and Mark Goldstein
20Determining LAT Using Tide Modeling TPXO IO (A Case Study : Fani Island)
Muhammad Taufik, and Dika Ayu Safitri
21Optimalization of DInSAR Results Using Geographic Information System in Potential Landslide Areas
Muhammad Taufik, and Noorlaila Hayati
22Seismic Performance Evaluation of Shear Wall Retrofitted with FRP
You-sun Yi, and Sung-gul Hong
23Performance of Concrete Crack Control Insert for Drying Shrinkage
Min-Soo Kim, and Sung-Gul Hong
24Internal Wave Propagation based Non-destructive NPP Concrete Strength Evaluation Method using an Embedded Piezoelectric Sensor
Junkyeong Kim, Seunghee Park, and Ju-Won Kim
25VIP-Emulator: To Design Interactive Architecture for Adaptive Mixed Reality Space
Muhammad Azhar, Fahad, Muhammad Sajjad, Irfan Mehmood, Bon Woo Gu, Wan Jeong Park, Wonil Kim, Joon Soo Han, Yun Jang, and Sung Wook Baik
26OLAP-based Analysis on Passengers’ Bus Usage Patterns
G. Y. Kim, I. S. Jeoung, W. S. Cho, K. H. Lee, I. H. Cho, and Y. M. Lee

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