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May 4-5, 2014 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

ISBN No. 978-93-82242-91-8


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Comparative Analysis of Spectral Estimation Methods for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Rafik Djemili, Hocine Bourouba, and Mohamed Cherif Amara Korba
2Information Security Risks Assessment Method Based on AHP and Fuzzy Sets
Igor Anikin
3Performance Evaluation of IPv4, IPv6, and ISATAP Routers on Windows Server 2008
Ahmed Jaha
4Enhanced Active Anti-roll Control of a Single Unit Heavy Vehicle Using Neuronal Network
S. Babesse, and D. Ameddah
5Longitudinal Analysis of the Differences in Performances of Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering Students of Makerere University
Peter Okidi-Lating
6Longitudinal Analysis of Performances of Beneficiaries of Affirmative Action Policy in Higher Education: A Case of Female Engineering Students of Makerere University in Uganda
Peter Okidi-Lating
7A New Educational Modulation Simulator Using for Digital and Analog Modulations
Tolga Özer, Hasan Çimen, and Ayhan Akbal
8Recovery of zinc from effluent of plants and mines
Mostafa Shamsi, and Ehsan Farahbakhsh
9Inorganic processes to separating of mineral solution and producing of leaching agents
Mostafa Shamsi, and Ehsan Farahbakhsh
10Application of Magnetometery, Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization for Exploration of Polymetal Deposits, A Case Study: Halab Dandi, Zanjan, Iran
Saeed Kazem Alilou, Gholam-Hossein Norouzi, Faramarz Doulati, and Maysam Abedi
11Analysis and Three Dimesional Modeling of Magnetometery Anomalies of Ghalanadar Ahar Cu-Fe Deposit
Saeed Kazem Alilou, Gholam-Hossein Norouzi, Faramarz Doulati, and Maysam Abedi
12Reduction in Heat Flow Through the Building Floor at Various Insulation Layout Arrangements
Naser S. Sanoussi
13Effect of Si and Al on the Nd:TiO2 Nanoparticle Powder Prepared as IR Optical filter
Mohammed A. Hamzah, Falah H. Ali, Majida A. Ameen, Anwar M. Ezzat, Hanaa M. Yaseen, Asmaa Sh. Khalil, and Mohamed M. Yunes
14Optimum Design Procedures of Turbojet Combustion Chamber
Abolgasem Mesoad Alarami, and Abdulhafid M. Elfaghi
15Interactions between Public Research Organizations and Industry: Simple Additive Weighting Approach to Evaluation of Interactions
Olivia Nakamatte, and Peter Okidi-Lating
16Generation Expansion Planning Considering the Equilibrium Between System Reliability and Cost: A Pakistani Case Study
Akif Zia Khan, Sun Yingyun, Ahsan Ashfaq, and Sarmad Majeed Malik
17Extraction of Photovoltaic Characteristics Using Simulated Annealing
M. R. AlRashidi, K. M. El-Naggar, and M. F. AlHajri
18A Wideband Rectangular-slot Microstrip Array Antenna for Wireless Applications
Obeng Kwakye Kingsford Sarkodie
19Analytic Model of the Breakdown of Argon at Low Pressure in Combined Electric Fields
Iliycho Petkov Iliev, and Snezhana Georgieva Gocheva-Ilieva
20A Predator-prey Model with Fatal Disease in the Prey
Qamar J. A. Khan, and Fatma. A. Al-Kharousi
21Influence of Openings on the Behaviour of Masonry Infill Frames
Zybaczynski Andrei
22Benchmarking Energy Efficiency of Commercial Office Buildings in Kampala
Nelson Isaiah Mukwaya and Peter Okidi-Lating
23Effects of Value Function in Prediction Performance of Human Behavioral Models in Iowa Gambling Task
Mohammad Rahmani Fadiheh, Farzad Towhidkhah, and Golnaz Baghdadi

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