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August 7-8, 2015 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

2nd International conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies (ICIET'2015) August 7-8, 2015 Bangkok (Thailand)

ISBN 978-93-84422-31-8


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Interactive Data Mining: A Short Background Study on Effective Interaction and Visualization by Association Rules
Valliappan Raman, Sundresan Perumal, and Putra Sumari
2Simulation of DC-DC Boost Converter for SPVM
Ulhas Patil, and Dr. Mahesh Kolte
3Analysis of Double Gate Tunneling FET characteristics for low power designs Suppression
S.M.Turkane, and Dr.A.K.Kureshi
4Geographic Information System (GIS) Application in Flood Crisis Management
Marjan Abdeyazdan, and Ali Zeidi Jodaki
5Prototype G2A as a Low Technology for Adminstrators of Agriculture in villages
Hanna Arini Parhusip, and Ramos Somnya
6Multiple Information Hiding using Spherical Random Grids
Sandeep Gurung, Abhi Agarwal, and M K Ghose
7Cloud-Enabled Robotic Framework as a Library Assistant
Dhruba Ningombam, Chingtham Tejbanta Singh, and Mrinal Kanti Ghose
8Smart Micro Grid Model for Rural India
Dr. S.N.Singh, V.S Prathiba, and Nikhil Katiki
9Low Cost Virtual 3D Object Visualization and Interaction
Matthieu Blais, Sharon Hosana, Bora Lim, Thomas Polliand, and Victor Tassy
10Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Validation of Brushless DC Motor Based Fuel Metering System with its application to Marine Gas Turbine Engines
Amit Kalra, Manjunatha B.A, and Vignesh Kannan
11Intelligent Stretching Exercise Training System
Chien-Cheng Lan, Ya-Hsin Hsueh, Sung-Hua Tsai, and Cheng-Han Hsieh
12An Exploratory Study on Fintech Industry in Korea: Crowdfunding Case
Tae-heon Lee, and Hee-Woong Kim
13A New Dead Time Compensation method for Stand-alone Inverter under Unbalanced Loads
Jongmin Jo, and Hanju Cha
14Assessing Major Environmental hazards of Construction Projects in Dhaka city
Afzal Ahmed, and Farzana Rahman
15Road User’s Perception about the Sidewalk Condition Of Dhaka City
Farzana Rahman, Sadıa Afroza, Afrına Andalıb, Rahat Islam, and Rasıb Al Majıd
16Novel Nanoclay/MDI/bitumen composites: Thermomechanical characteristics
F.J. Ortega, F.J. Navarro, M. García-Morales, and P. Partal

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