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4th International Conference on Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (ICAESAM-2015) Dec. 8-9, 2015 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Back

ISBN 978-93-84422-47-9


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Implementing Total Productive Maintenance at an Electronic Company
Prof. Madya, Dr. Norzima binti Zulkifli, and Nur Hanani Mat Zali
2Estimation of Learning Function from Sparse Data Using Optimization Technique
J. K. Sahoo, and Mayank Goel
3Development of Geoid Model for Chhattisgarh State using Geophysical Methods and GPS Technology
Rajesh Kumar Tripathi, and Moulshree Tripathi
4A Novel Approach to Enhance Performance of Round Robin CPU Scheduling Applying Dynamic CPU Slice
Rafikullah, Md.Enamul Haque, Md.Shohidullah, and Dr.Md.Nasim Akhtar
5Non-Invasive Multi-Parametric in vivo Mapping of the Brain Tumors and Brain Metastases
Petra Hnilicová, Tatiana Matáková, Romana Richterová, Eva Baranovičová, Erika Halašová, and Dušan Dobrota
6Modelling of Effect of Electromagnetic field on Changes of Plasma Membrane Potential
Martina Krutáková, Tatiana Matáková, Erika Halašová, Pavol Špánik, and Ladislav Janoušek
7Application of Quality Function Deployment for Rubber Seedlings Business
A. Srichan, and M. Sasananan
8Five Dimensional Mesonic String Cosmological Models
Gauranga Charan Samanta
9Improved Method for Sliding Window Printed Arabic OCR
Prof. Wajdi S. Besbas, Dr. Mohamed R. Sunni, and Mis. Anisa F. Elbokhare
10Mathematical Model for Gyroscope’s Gimbal Motions
Ryspek Usubamatov
11Parametric Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices
Mohammad A. Al-Ajmi, and Mohammad Gh. Alfailakawi
12Predicting the Fraud Volume in the Advent of Internet Enabled Handheld Devices
Nuha Zammarah, and Asadullah Shah
13Comparing Economic between LED and sodium lighting systems at high way Amman, Zarqa
Dr. Wasif abdelaziz AL Saluos
14Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance and Emission Characteristics of Direct Injection Diesel Engine using Blends of Mixture of Four Types of Biodiesels in Conventional Diesel
Ravindra Kumar Yadav, and Shobha Lata Sinha
15Analysis of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) removal rate using Upflow Bioreactor with Central Substrate Dispenser (UBCSD)
Kevin N. Nwaigwe, and Christopher C. Enweremadu
16Securing e-Government Web Portal Access Using Enhanced Two Factor Authentication
Ahmed Arara, El-Bahlul Emhemed Fgee, and Hamdi Ahmed Jaber
17Face Detection for Surveillance Systems Application
Tanko Danial Salka, Marsyita Binti Hanafi, Syamsiah Mashohor, and Sharifah Mumtazah Syed Ahmad
18Dual Solutions of Stagnation-Point Flow of a Fluid on a Shrinking Surface of another Quiescent Fluid
Azizah Mohd Rohni, Zurni Omar, and Noraziah Hj Man
19Detection Threats and Mitigation Techniques in Cognitive Radio based on Localization of Signal Source and Trustworthiness
Mahmod Ammar, Nick Riley, Meftah Mehdawi, Anwar Fanan, and Mahsa Zolfaghari
20Mathematics for Biosciences : Biology and Medicine as an Example Area of Applications
Dr. Nawal Siddig

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