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3rd International conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies (ICIET'2016) August 5-6, 2016 Bangkok (Thailand) Back

ISBN 978-93-84468-65-1


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Improvement of Voltage in Underground Mining Using PI Controller
Sukanth.T, and Prof. Singam Jayanthu
2Detecting Internet Phishing Attacks Using Data Mining Methods
Marjan Abdeyazdan, and Ali Rayat Pisheh
3A Wireless Ear Canal’s Temperature Monitoring System for an Intensive Care Patient
Darunee Chaythong, and Saner Sa-ad
4Geospatial Mashups: Internet Based Promotional Tool for Tourism Development
Somnath Chaudhuri, and Dr. Nilanjan Ray
5A New Enhanced Variation of TF-IDF Seheme for Arabic Text Classification
Fawaz S. Al-Anzi, and Dia AbuZeina
6Review on Mechanical property Modification technique of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Composites
Dey Sujoy Kumar, Mainali Vikash, and Samanta Sutanu
7Positive Output Elementary Superlift Luo Converter for PV Applications
Dr.G.Justin Sunil Dhas, Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas, and Sreesna M K
8Interleaved Sepic Converters for AC-DC Front-End Converter Application
Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas, Dr.G.Justin Sunil Dhas, and Anand.K
9An Efficient ID-based Proxy Blind Signature with Pairing-free Realization
Sahadeo Padhye, and Namita Tiwari
10Effect of Ascorbic acid Concentration on Electrical Conductivity of reduced Graphene Oxide
Kanpichcha Jaroensil, Voranuch Thongpool, and Sumonman Niamlang
11Using Scrap Tires to Fight Desertification and Ration Water by Value Engineering Approach
F.S. Al-Anzi, M. Sarfraz, A. Elmi, and A.R. Khan
12Modeling and Evaluation of Information Systems Using Fuzzy Logic
Marjan Abdeyazdan, and Sayyed Hedayat Tarighinejad
13Design and Implementation of Synchronized Multi-view UCV for second screen service
Bokyung Sung, Green Bang, and Ilju Ko
14Chitosan Layer Fabry-Perot Interferometer-Based Optical Fiber Sensor for Cadmium Ion Detection
Ian Yulianti, Ngurah Made D.P, Budi A. Saputra, Mahardika P. A, Susanto, and Ojo Kurdi
15The Conceptual Framework of Ubiquitous Computing for Home Energy Monitoring by Using Interactive Interface Design
Tapanee Treeratanaporn
16The Experimental Method of Crack Detection in Shaft of Rotor System
Ojo Kurdi, Ikmal Hakim Bin Hasnan, M. A. Mat Norman, and Ian Yulianti
17Variation of Marshall Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete with Waste Materials
Rillagoda G.N.Yasanthi, Terrance M.Rengarasu, and W.M.K.R.T.W.Bandara
18Numerical Analysis of Solar Fluxes Reflected by Hexagonal Shape Reflector Combination
Chang-Woo Son, Sang-Hun Lee, Ki-Hwan Song, Sang-Eun You, Woo-Hyeong Heo, Ki-Won Kim, Jeong-Heon Lee, Kyum Kim, Wan-Taek Lee, Hyeon-Gu Kim, Jin-Seok Cho and Tae-Il Seo
19An Experimental Study on the Simple Active Noise Control Windows
Wongeun Oh
20Introduction to V-Curves
Miriam Cathy Joy, and Mary Colleen Grace
21Graphene based Electrocatalysts for DMFCs
Ehtsham Sarwar, M Irfan Raza, and Naseem Iqbal

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