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6th International Conference on Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (ICAESAM’2016) Dec. 21-22, 2016 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Back

Dec. 21-22, 2016 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Bearing Capacity of BC soil Reinforced with Coir Fibers Underlain by Loose Stratum
Jairaj C, Dr.Prathap Kumar M.T, Sridhar.R, Ganesh Kumar, and Guru Prasad
2Network Architectures Exploiting Multiple Tethered Balloon Constellations for Coverage Extension
S. H. Alsamhi, Sachin Kumar Gupta, N. S. Rajput, and R. K. Saket
3A Low Leakage Input Dependent ONOFIC Approach for CMOS Logic Circuits
Vijay Kumar Sharma, and Manisha Pattanaik
4Adaptive Control Program for Rough Turning Machining Processes
Samy Oraby, and Ayman Alaskari
5Optimal Relation between ART and Mobility & Transmission Range at Default QualNet & Calculated Transmission Powers
Sachin Kumar Gupta, Saeed Hamood Alsamhi, and R. K. Saket
6Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete: Influence of Size of Gravel
Ernesto J. Guades, Ph.D., Otilia G. Taduyo, and Marlon D. Sobreviga
7Extremal Solutions for Powered Lunar-Descent Guidance and Targeting
Dr. Dilmurat Azimov
8Solution of Burger’s Equations by Orthogonal Collocation on Finite Elements Hermite Basis
Dr. Ajay Kumar Mittal, and Dr. V K Kukreja
9Effect of Pounding on the Global Responses of Adjacent Buildings
Dr. A.K. Sinha, and Saket Kumar
10Developments in Construction Practices Towards Seismic Safety of Structures
Dr. A. K. Sinha, and Sharad Singh
11Effect from Accessories on Pickup Aerodynamics by Computational Fluid Dynamics
Prachya Mukda
12Geographic Information Portals: Maldives Tourism Perspective
Somnath Chaudhuri
13Numerical Model and Software for Simulation and Visualization of Flooding in the Urban Area
Saeful Bahtiar, Somporn Chuai-Aree, Anurak Busaman, and Areena Hazanee
14Effect of ASE on Raman Gain in 800nm band
Anupam Sahu, Sachin Kumar Gupta, and Vijay Rao Kumbhare
15Artificial Lighting System in Outdoor Image Analysis Application for Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches
N.M.A.Harun, Z.Abdul Halim and H.Ibrahim
16The Factors Related To the Severity of Traffic Accident Victims of Bikers at Emergency Department (Igd) of General Hospital
Nani Yuniar, Denvi Vitayala Zainuddin, Andi Faizal Fachlevy, Hariati Lestari, Hartati Bahar, Lymbran Tina
17Antioxidant Activity of Isoflavones from Tofu Pulp Waste
Sri Wahyuni, Ratna, Holilah, Asranudin, Raden Alip Raharjo
18Induction of Defence Responses by Fusaric Acid (Fusarium Toxin) in Tomato Plant
Vivek Kumar Singh, R. S. Upadhyay
19Effect of Heat Processing and Storage on Characteristic and Stability of Some Edible Oils
Emhemmed A. Alhibshi, Jalal A. Ibraheim and Abdulgader S. Hadad
20Experimental Investigation on Wave Interaction with Horizontal Slotted Submerged Porous Breakwater
Rounak Afroz, Md. Ataur Rahman
21First Record of Dengue Vector Aedes aegypti in Gazipur City Corporation, Bangladesh
Rahman G. M. Saifur, Iftekhar Islam, Balal Hossain
22The Potential of Carbon and Chlorophyll Concentration on Phytoplankton in Lakes at Campus Universitas Indonesia, Depok
Sumiriyati, Anggari Kirana Dewi
23Characterisation of Bambara Groundnut Based On Morphometric Diversity
Ddamulira G, Alenoma G, Karwani G, Ifeyinwa M.O, Umeugochukwu O.P and Alanyo, M
24In Vivo Antimalarial Activity of Ethanol Extract of Carthamus Tinctorius L. Flowers Against Plasmodium Berghei Strain Anka In Male Mice Balb/C
Rini Hamsidi, Aty Widyawaruyanti, Achmad Fuad Hafid, Wiwied Ekasari, Henny Kasmawati, Nur Illiyyin Akib, Wahyuni, M.Hajrul Malaka
25Production Risks of Maize Cultivation in South India
Vidhyavathi , Balasubramanian, Srikanthamurthy and Suganya
26Novel Green Solvents for CO2 Capture
Idowu Adeyemi, Mohammad Abu Zahra, and Inas M. AlNashef
27Synthesis and Characterization of Copolymers Derived from Salicylic Acid, Acryloamide, and Furfural (SAF's) and their Study as Ion Exchange Resins for Toxic Divalent Cationic Trace Elements
Al-Imarah F. J. M., Khwedem, A. A. A., and Ibraheem H. K.
28Effects of Sugar Ester Blend Coating of KD-112 and Plastic Wrapping on Fruit Shelf-Life and Qualities of ‘California’ Papaya
Soesiladi E. Widodo, Zulferiyenni, Suskandini R. Dirmawati, Rachmansyah A. Wardhana, Nurul Octavia, Lutfiana Cahyani
29Effects of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine, Chitosan, and Storage Temperatures on Fruit Shelf-Life and Qualities of ‘Cavendish’ Banana
Zulferiyenni, Soesiladi E. Widodo, Alpenda Putri
30Integration of Aquaculture with Rice Farming: A Way to Increase Farm Productivity, Food security, Livelihood Improvement and Better Environment
M. Aminur Rahman
31Moderation of Back pain by Rehabiliation Exercises; Multifidus Muscle’ Perspective
Qais Mustafa Gasibat, Nordin Bin Simbak

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