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June 9-10, 2014 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Back

ISBN No. 978-93-82242-97-0


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Photovoltaic Electrical Forecasting in South Algeria
S. Hamid Oudjana, A. Hellal, and I. Hadj Mahamed
2Optimal Sizing and Placement of Distributed Generators for Profit Maximization Using Firefly Algorithm
Engy A. Mohamed, Mahmoud M. Othman, and Yasser G. Hegazy
3To Changing The Storage System Mechanism For Critical Areas of Focus In Cloud Computing
Pritam Bhoyar
4Facility Layout Optimization of an Indian SME Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
Suman Samanta, Onkar, and Deepu Philip
5Exploring Mutation Space in the Interactive Evolution of an Android Arcade-type Game
Jia Hui Ong, and Jason Teo
6Optimal DG Placement and Sizing For Voltage Stability Improvement Using Backtracking Search Algorithm
Ruhaizad Ishak, Azah Mohamed, Ahmed N. Abdalla, and Mohd Zamri C. Wanik
7A Comprehensive Tuning of Distillation Column Composition Controllers using Simulated Annealing Algorithm (SA)
Dr. Yousif A. alsadiq
8Modification of Heating Profile Sintering cycle Enhance the Physical and Mechanical properties of Sintered Products
Alhadi A. Abosbaia, Stephen Mitchell, and Andrew Wronski
9Prediction of the Kinematic Viscosity of Some Libyan Petroleum Fractions at Different Temperatures
Elmahboub A. Edreder, and Khaled M. Mezughi
10Application of Thin Films and Nanotechnology for improving the performance of solar energy systems in the desert climate conditions
Mohamed FATHI, Toufik ZAREDE, Mohammed AYAD, and Mahfoud ABDERRAZAK
11The Impact of using Electronic learning lab(Maxitronix) in Academic Achievement for General Education Student
Maha Al-Muttairi, and Ebtesam Al-Ghamdi
12Novel Alternate Mixed‐Mode Chaotic Circuit Models for Secure Communication
Umesh Kumar, Prem Bhushan Mital, and Rai Sachindra Prasad
13A Ferrofluidic Piston Micropump
Majid Ashouri, Mohammad B. Shafii, and Ali Moosavi
14Managing Construction Risk in Nigeria through Capitalization of Construction Firms
E.O.E. Nnadi, and O. O. Ugwu
15Analysis of Discharge and Gauge-Level Data at Old Railway Bridge, Delhi
Mohammed Lateef Ahmed, Mohammed Sharif, and Mohammad Shakeel
16Quality Analysis of Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Dust in Water Purification at Various Water Sources
Herry Pinatik, and Dedie Tooy
17Evaluation of Biomass Gasification Using Coconut Husks in Producing Energy to Generate Small-Scale Electricity
Dedie Tooy, Leopold Nelwan, and Freeke Pangkerego

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