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Sept. 19-20, 2014 Penang (Malaysia) Back

ISBN No. 978-81-929653-6-9


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1An overview of Warranty Management in Software Development Management
M. Goodarzi, M. R. Safaei, and Mahidzal Dahari
2New Product Development for Engineers
Hai Ho, and Scott Tippens
3Critical Analysis on Influences Wielded by the New Media on Business Affairs in Sri Lanka: A Study with Special Reference to the Mobile Phone Usage
Ms. Sajitha Lakmali Hewapathirana
4Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Control Based MPPT Technique for Photovoltaic System
Saravana selvan.D, Mohammed feros khan.J, Umayal.V, and Indumathi.M
5Integrated Weather Assessment Services (IWAS)
Jose Rizaldy A. De Armas, Paul Anthony Gabog, Leng Ann Balberan Goh, and Ken Vilanueva
6Layered Defense in Depth model for IT Organizations
Azra Shamim, Bushra Fayyaz, and Vimala Balakrishnan
7Intelligent Data Mining in Autonomous Heterogeneous Distributed and Dynamic Data Sources
Azra Shamim, Vimala Balakrishnan, Madiha Kazmi, and Zunaira Sattar
8Ensuring Sustainable Internal Process Compliance with an Automated Resource Management Control system
Dr. Martin Chew Wooi Keat, Ahmad Azamuddin Mohd Zainal Arifin, and Goh Teck Huat
9A Conceptual Hybrid Security System using Face Recognition
Nurul Husna Muhamad Hassan, Rohani Hassan, and Nor‘aini Abd. Jalil
10Modified Least Mean Square Algorithm to Estimate Polarization Paramaters with Uncertainty
A.S. Talita, M. Iqbal, E. Prasetyo, and A.B. Mutiara
11Defining Future Directions of Strategic Policy Decisions by Evolutionary Game Theory
Åžule ERYÃœRÃœK, and Ichiro KOSHIJIMA
12Digital Eye: an Augmented Eye Mounted Display assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
Sri Vignesh. I, and Vishal.K
13Design of an U-slot Folded Shorted Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting
Diponkar Kundu, Ahmed Wasif Reza, and Harikrishnan Ramiah
14Fault Diagnosis for Fuel cell stack using independent MLP Neural Network
Mahanijah Md Kamal, and Dingli Yu
15On the Development and Validation of 12MO Numerical Child Head Dummy Model for Automotive Crashworthiness Assessment
J.M. Nursherida, B.B. Sahari, Nuraini A.A, A.Manohar, and M.S.A Samad
16Natural Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Plates with Embedded SMA Wires
Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah, Hasan Aghabarati, and Poone Khosravi
17Wireless Vibration Sensor Position to Acquire Better Bridge Healthy Monitoring in Laboratory Scale
Arie Febry, Priyo Suprobo, and Faimun
18Effect of Slurry Temperature on Kerf Taper Angle in Abrasive Water Jet Machining
Vandana Jain, and Puneet Tandon
19An Innovative VPN Architecture for Collaborative Specialist Users
Akram Kargar Raeespour Sistani, and Ahmed Patel
20Changes in the Level of Convenience of the Iwate Prefecture Temporary Housing Complexes Constructed after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Shin-ichi Konno, Risa Shibutani, and Noriaki Endo
21Application of the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process in the Assessment of Priority of Bridge Maintenance
Salah Eldin Yousif Hassan, and Eltayeb Hassan Onsa
22Physico-Chemical and Heavy Metal Evaluations of Mine Effluents from Selected Mines in Malaysia in Contributing to Acid Mine Drainage
Norinsafrina Mustaffa Kamal, Fatihah Azmi, Shamsul Kamal Sulaiman, and Khor Peng Seong
23Microstructure, Porosity and Hardness of Spray Deposited Cold Rolled Al-6Si Alloy
Rashmi Mittal, and Devendra Singh

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