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May 30-31, 2014 London Back

ISBN No. 978-93-82242-95-6


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Empowering Last Mile Learner Through IT-Initiatives in Difficult Geographies (A case study of Uttarakhand, India)
Kamal Kumar Ghanshala, and Durgesh Pant
2Halal Knowledge Grid Model for Promoting Knowledge Sharing Among Their Community of Practice
Rusli Abdullah
3Low Cost Dynamic Random Nonce Generator For Web Services
Uma Elangovan, Kannan Arputharaj, and Ramesh Ramadoss
4An Approach to Image Encryption and Decryption using DFF Transform with Chaos
Rajiv Srivastava, Bharti Ahuja, and Rashmi Singh Lodhi
5An Evolutionary Regression Test Case Prioritization based on Dependence Graph and Genetic Algorithm for Object-Oriented Programs
Abu Bakar Md Sultan, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Salmi Baharom, and Samaila Musa
6Selection of Process Parameters in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Titanium
Dr. M. Chithirai Pon Selvan
7Automatic Number Plate Recognition Based on Connected Components Analysis Technique
Sarmad Majeed Malik, and Rehan Hafiz
8Performace Analysis of LDPC Encoded LTE Downlink and Uplink Transceiver
Rakesh Sharma, Nitish Kumar Gupta, and Ashish Goswami
9Tamper-resistance Evaluation for Cryptographic Side Channel Leakage at Design Stage
Masaya Yoshikawa, and Toshiya Asai
10The Design and Implementation of an Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant
Chun-Hsiang Hsieh, and Daniel J. Buehrer
11Integrated Satellite- APs-Terrestrial System for UMTS and LTE Network
Ashagrie Getnet Flattie
12Use of Electro-Slag Refining for Novel in-situ Alloying Process in Steel
Somnath Basu, and Deepoo Kumar
13Optimal Analysis of Structures by Large Wing Panel Using FEM
Byeong-Sam Kim, and Kyeongwoo Park
14Indicative Energy Technology Assessment of Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants with Carbon Capture and Storage: A UK Perspective
Samuel J. G. Cooper, Angelos Evangelou, and Geoffrey P. Hammond
15Decreasing the Risk of Transient Disturbance on the Resha Generation Plant
Mahmud S. Awad, Anwar Al-Mofleh, and Hikmat AL-Rawashdeh
16Optimization of Economic Load Dispatch problem by Linear Programming modified Methodology
Ahsan Ashfaq, and Akif Zia Khan
17Implementation of Load Balancing In Leach Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
R.Ramesh, R.M.Dilip Charaan, N.T.Mohan Kumar, and E.Uma
18Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement Due to Assisting and Opposing Mixed Convection in an Open Ended Cavity
Antonio Carozza, Oronzio Manca, and Sergio Nardini
19Fast Stereo Matching of High Resolution Satellite Images Using a New Tilting Technique
An-Nguyen Hong, and Dong-Min Woo
20Study of Fully Depleted DUAL MATERIAL GATE (DMG) SOI MOSFET at Nano Domain
Ashwani Rana, and B.H.V Shrikant
21Renewable Energy Development in Indian Deregulated Power Market: Future Aspects
Yog Raj Sood, and Naveen Kumar Sharma
22Emerging Trends in Diagnosis and Condition Assessment of Power Transformers Based on Health Index
Priyesh Kumar Pandey, Harmendra Singh, M Rao, and R K Jarial
23Modeling and Control a D-STATCOM with Sugeno Fuzzy Controller (SFC) and Mamdani Fuzzy Controller (MFC) For Voltage Sag Mitigation
Mohamed Mohamed Khaleel, and Mohamed Adam Farag
24Amplitude Death in Conjugate Coupled Topological Network
Himesh Handa, Utkarsh Gupta, and B. B. Sharma
25Backstepping Algorithm With Sliding Mode Control for Input-Affine Nonlinear Systems
Nitesh Meena, and Bharat Bhushan Sharma
26Planning and Operation of Urban Bus Route- A Case Study in West Zone of Delhi
Amita Johar, S.S Jain, and P.K Garg
27Carbon Nanotube-Cement Composites in the Construction Industry: 1952-2014. A State of the Art Review
Jose Luis Fraga, Jose María del Campo, and Juan Ángel García
28Decontamination through photocatalytic TiO2 additions. Past, Present and Future
Juan de Dios, Jose María del Campo, and David Colorado
29A Much Better Concrete with Zeolite Additions- State of the Art Review
Juan Carlos de la Cruz, Jose María del Campo, and David Colorado
30Adopting Intelligent Buildings in Nigeria: The Hopes and Fears
Ben Ugochukwu Iwuagwu, and Margaret Chioma Ben Iwuagwu
31Multidisciplinary Practice and Engineering Innovation- The Opera House and the Watercube
Yanjing Zhang, and Peter Armstrong
32Crowdsourced Architecture and Environmental Design
Joseph Thomas Wunderlich, and Joseph John Wunderlich
33Void Effect on Carbon Fiber Epoxy Composites
Abdellatif Selmi
34Sustainability Assessment of Urban Land Management Polices of India and New Proposal
Jignesh K. Patel, and Dr. J.E.M.Macwan
35Effect of Glass Fiber Content on the Flexural Modulus of Elasticity of Glass-Epoxy Sandwich Composites
Abdellatif Selmi
36Use of Bdellovibrio bacteriovirus as Biological Cleaning Method for MBR Systems
Hilal Yilmaz, Merve Akay Celik, Cisel Sengezer, and Melek Özkan
37Esterification of Free Fatty Acids in Waste Oil Using a Carbon-based Solid Acid Catalyst
Rajiv Arora, Vinay Kapoor, and Amrit Pal Toor

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