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Jan. 8-9, 2014 Dubai (UAE) Back

ISBN 9789382242635


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1A New Method for Watermarking using Genetic Algorithms
Mehdi Sadeghzadeh, and Mahsa Teherbaghal
2A New Clustering based Routing Algorithm for NoC
Abdelmalek Bouguettaya, Mohamed Taher Kimour, and Salah Toumi
3Three-Class Classification of Persian Emails by Naïve Bayes Algorithm
NasimVasfi-Sisi, and Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi
4Classifying Different Feature Selection Algorithms Based on the Search Strategies
Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi, and Manizheh Ghaemi
5An Experimental Comparison of Different Classifiers for Predicting Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Events
Hadil Shaiba, and Michael Hahsler
6Hardware Verification of Forward Clarke Transform Based Algorithm Data Flow on FPGA for Green Technology
Muhazam Mustapha, Nik Ghazali Nik Daud, and Siti Nursyuhada Mahsahirun
7A Computer Simulation Method for Mold Optimization of Rotational Molded Objects
Wai-On NG, Ching-Yuen CHAN, Kai-Leung YUNG, Hui-ying CHEN, and Chi-wo LAM
8Task Scheduling Using Modified PSO Algorithm In Cloud Computing Environment
Solmaz Abdi, Seyyed Ahmad Motamedi, and Saeed Sharifian
9A Knowledge Management Model to Improve Performance in Tertiary Educational Institutions
Dr. Anrieta Draganova, and Dr. Patrick Doran
10Solving Multiobjective Unit Commitment Problem to Minimize Operation Cost and Emissions Using HBMO Algorithm
Ali Ahmadian, Mahdi Sedghi, and Masoud Aliakbar Golkar
11Evaluating Consumer Loans Using Neural Networks Ensembles
Maher Alaraj, Maysam Abbod, and Ziad Hunaiti
12Investigation of Stresses in Coal Gasifier Hearth under Thermal Loading using Finite Element Analysis
Umair Bin Asim, and Mubashir Ali Siddiqui
13Implementation study on applying lean manufacturing principles in the manufacturing of pressure vessels in an Indian company
Ben Ruben R, Narendran S A P, Syath Abuthakeer, Prasanth A S, and Mohanram P V
14Condition based maintenance monitoring of gear box using fuzzy logic systems
Mushiri Tawanda, and Mbohwa Charles
15Investigate the Machining Performance in High Speed Milling of AISI304 Stainless Steel using Thin Pulse Jet and Fluid Atomizer MQL Systems
A. Hamdan, M. Sayuti, Ahmed A. D. Sarhan, and M. Hamdi
16Developing a Computational Modeling Algorithm for Thermostressed Condition of Rod made of Heat-resistant Material ANB-300 type
Zhuldyz Tashenova, Elmira Nurlybaeva, and Anarbay Kudaykulov
17Experimental Investigation of Dual-Fuel Combustion Characteristics inside a Gas Turbine Combustor
Ibrahim I. A., Shabaan M. M., Shehata M. A. and Farag T. M.
18Reliability of Dissimilar Metal Joints using Fusion Welding: A Review
Rakesh Chaudhari, Riddhish Parekh, and Asha Ingle
19Investigation of Pumped Storage Hydro-Electricity
Arsalan F. Latif, and Soorkeu A. Atrooshi
20Analysis of the Type of the Sorption Isotherm Curves of Different Materials
Akos Lakatos
21Study of Molecular Interaction in Binary Mixtures of Poly (Propylene Glycol) Monobutyl Ether(PPGMBE) 1000 with 2-(Methylamino) Ethanol (MAE) and 1-Butanol using Thermodynamic and 1H NMR Spectroscopy
Manisha Gupta, and Sudir Kumar
22Density correlation of some pure hydrocarbons and crude oil samples with the speed of sound
Mohammad Vakilinejad, Jiali Xia, Rashid S. A-Maamari, Nabeel Al-Rawahi, and Gholamreza Vakili-Nezhaad
23Magnetostatic field calculations associated with thick solenoids in the presence of iron using an integral formula derived in terms of the quaternion variable and the Euler-Maclaurin Summation formula
Vasos Pavlika
24Optimized design of Student Attendance System Using RFID
Aditi S.Tiwari, Aniket S.Tiwari, Nikhil M.Ade, Sana.G.K.Sheikh, Nilesh R.Patel, and Athar Ravish Khan
25Nonlocal vibration behavior of a Pasternak bonded double-piezoelectric-DWBNNT-reinforced microplate-system
H. Rahimipour, A. Ghorbanpour Arani, and G.A. Sheikhzadeh
26An analytical investigation on the performance of solar water heater made from cold drink cans
Kumar Abhishek, Kandarp Mehta, Prashant Mishra, and Indrajit Mukhopadhyay
27The free vibration analysis of nonlocal SLGS based on various plate theories under magnetic field
Mehdi Mohammadimehr, Ali Ghorbanpour Arani, and Borhan Rousta Navi
28Fault Detection of Nonlinear Processes Using Fuzzy C-means-based Kernel PCA
Lamiaa M. Elshenawy, and Tarek. A. Mohamed
29Intelligent Optimization Methods for Analogue Electronic Circuits: GA and PSO Case Study
Ogri James Ushie, and Maysam Abbod
30A simple approximate expression for optical crosstalk in a linear free space optical interconnects system that uses micro-lenses with circular apertures
Nedal Al-Ababneh
31Parallel Reverse Niching PSO for Multimodal Optimization
Elnaz Zafarani-Moattar, Hamid Haj-Seyed-Javadi, and Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi

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